Together to build the future

DShas made the maxim: “alone you go faster but together you go farther” and for this reason it considers its partners as reliable travel companions rather than mere commercial and/or technological interlocutors.

Sharing experiences and know-how allows everyone to grow and to work on shared projects as well.

DSI always looks with interest to new openings of partnerships, national and international, as long as they are carried out in compliance with the rules and people.

Tesla is a US company specializing in the production of electric cars, photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems. It is named in honor of the well-known inventor Nikola Tesla. The company’s goal is the production of mass-market-oriented high-performance electric vehicles. CEO, Elon Musk, said he envisions Tesla as a technology company and an independent carmaker whose goal is to offer affordable electric cars to the average consumer to promote the use of renewable, non-polluting sources.

Huawei is investing heavily in the automotive industry, proposing itself as a supplier of advanced technologies for car manufacturers. The Chinese company wants to become an important player in China as a technology supplier, leveraging its know-how in 5G and software to support the development of the new Self Driving Cars. In Europe, the competition is more complex, however the Chinese company is collaborating with some prestigious German brands, providing connectivity technologies, sensors and radar.

Enel X is the Enel Group company that provides innovative products and services at the service of energy transformation at the domestic, city and industrial levels, with a view to sustainable development. By applying the solutions offered by digital transformation to the energy sector, Enel X is active in the field of electric mobility, smart homes and smart cities, intelligent public lighting, services for the integration of renewables, energy efficiency for businesses and public administrations.

ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, a public law body aimed at research, technological innovation and the provision of advanced services to businesses, public administration and citizens in sectors of energy, the environment and sustainable economic development. The areas of specialization are energy technologies (renewable sources, storage, smart grids) where the Agency is also the coordinator of the National Energy Technology Cluster, nuclear fusion and safety (where the Agency is the national research coordinator), energy efficiency (with the National Efficiency Agency), technologies for cultural heritage, earthquake protection, food safety, pollution, life sciences, strategic raw materials, climate change.

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità carries out strategic planning, supervision, coordination and control activities for public and private mobility and manages the design, development, implementation and management of mobility and communication support services for Roma Capitale and the investee companies. The strategic objectives are the reduction of congestion from vehicular traffic, the reorganization of the public transport offer, the increase of individual and collective road safety, the promotion of mobility choices and conscious and responsible behaviors to contribute to environmental, economic and of the city. These objectives and activities are pursued in compliance with the Governance rules.

RESS Solar develops and builds plants for the generation of electricity. Energy is produced through alternative sources in the photovoltaic, hydroelectric, geothermal and solar thermal fields. We are the first group in the area to build high-tech proprietary plants for the production of megawatts with constant attention to safeguarding our planet. We build plants for companies, public bodies and families with the “turnkey” formula. We are a qualified and certified company able to support you in the management of all ancillary – but necessary – services to complete the system. It has an Education division that deals with the implementation of educational and training projects, with publications and telematic programs, for the culture of energy saving and technologies deriving from renewable sources.

Exelentia is an Italian Mobility Factory, where research and development are transformed into a new culture of mobility. It is an electric evolution that sees us builders of solutions, because we import ideas, customize needs, distribute new visions of E-mobility in Italy and abroad. Your future is already our present. You walk and we prepare the way.