DSI & e-Mobility


DSI is an innovative start-up born in 2018 to develop innovative business models to support the electric charging infrastructure. Furthermore, DSI considers the electric vehicle not a simple means of transport, but a technological platform for the exchange of energy and information. In this sense, the electric vehicle becomes a single and harmonious whole with the charging infrastructure, and as such a source of supplementary business development based on the optimal use of network connection time.



The convergence of mobility towards the electric vector is not a random event, but supported by:


The electrical performances allowed by the various technologies using lithium allow applications in the automotive field that are absolutely consistent in terms of performance, autonomy and duration.



The effort to limit CO2 emissions into the atmosphere discourages technologies based on combustion processes. GPL, GNC and GNL, although identified as «alternative fuels», still have an impact in terms of pollution, while hydrogen provides a production and above all distribution / use technology that is still too complex and expensive.



The diesel-gate was only the tip of the iceberg, the explosion in recent years of the diesel-powered engine has had a disruptive impact on the emissions of various pollutants. Diesel, as the first fraction that separates by boiling and not by condensation, concentrates various elements that cannot be intercepted by post-combustion filters, hence the increasingly stringent regulations on emissions that are effectively eliminating the diesel engine from the commercial offers of the manufacturers.