The electric vehicle is no longer intended as just a means of transport but as a technological platform for the exchange of energy and information.


About Us

DSI is an innovative start-up and works on convergence model of between mobility and energy with a view to long-term sustainability.

DSI considers the electric vehicle not a simple means of transport, but a technological platform for the exchange of energy and information.

What We Do

DSI carries out consultancy, design and implementation of solutions for “Smart Service Station” with a view to multidimensional mobility.

DSI offers targeted training services, and the possibility of temporary management and temporary expertise.




The project, funded from EU, will promote the spread of the electromobility market on large scale in Europe through smart solutions, new business models and new regulatory framework conditions.

The goal will be to integrate innovative charging technologies and put the user at the center of the entire transition.

Smart Service Station (SSS)

It is the model of: e-Mobility and also of business that DSI proposes as an evolution of the simple charging column towards an energy and service hub that allows for “multidimensional mobility”.

Will 2021 be the "tipping point" year for electric mobility ?

Despite a devastating pandemic and accompanying economic crisis, 2020 turned out to be better for electromobility than previously predicted, with sales of electric vehicles hitting record highs and a renewed focus on electric vehicles from political figures.